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Crazed98Camaro 01-04-2009 06:43 PM

Calling: Will!
Ranger Pron!!

My friends 4.0l
Fun truck, he just got the bar for xmas, and is getting lights in there.
He's done the billet grill, K&N intake and body throttle spacer.

Just took some shots with my D40, I got a 70-300 mm lense for Christmas.





His attempt to climb a snow bank...too fluffy!!


Crazed98Camaro 01-04-2009 06:43 PM

This is his brothers Jetta, we put halos on that night.
Rally Edition!!


And this is my new beater, just got it. It was my sisters, and needs a few things with are really just things I'm picky about.


While my sisters boyfriend was driving it, he got T-Boned. Offered to paint the door...awesome!


tmon930 01-04-2009 06:52 PM

i saw an older ranger this weekend that had a re-bar grill lol

Crazed98Camaro 01-05-2009 04:15 PM


Originally Posted by tmon930 (Post 74070)
i saw an older ranger this weekend that had a re-bar grill lol

Hahah thats pretty good.
The jettas light holder is steel. It was rusting not to long ago, so he painted it.

941LE 01-05-2009 05:36 PM

If i lived near them i would rip those lights off that Jetta. Lucky i dont lol

Bonemaro 01-05-2009 05:37 PM

Don't be hatin'...

freakv6 01-05-2009 05:49 PM

Lmao, dont think i would rip them off, but i would surley take pics and post them here for all to laugh at.

941LE 01-05-2009 05:52 PM

My buddies have them on thier TDI gulfs but thats cuz they actually rally. To me is like throwing the STI looking bumper on the Neons and puttin stupid lights in it.

TheRedBird 01-05-2009 10:52 PM

nice ranger, funny jetta

Will 01-06-2009 01:28 AM

Nice!!!! That bar looks damn sexy up there! He's got about ...... 32 more HP then me though. Lol

Love my ranger!
Hate my PC, thats why Im just now seeing this lol I woulda had the 3rd post probly but my desktop decided to die so I have my laptop hooked up to my speakers and monitor and all that jazz.

His truck is nice, he should look into joining rangerpowersports, the boys and girls over there love climbing things.

His truck looks like an XL/XLT, does he have AC? is it 4WD, WHat size tires are those? Lol

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