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ChevyGirl_07 12-14-2013 10:03 PM

Rear End Swap
Hey guys,

Need some help. I have a 1996 Camaro Base 3.8L with a stock rear end (drums...3.23 gears I believe...according to the RPO code). I would like to put a different rear end in it with the disc brakes. Will the 93-02 z28 or Trans Am rear end work in the v6? If so...what all would I have to replace with the rear end? I have a 2001 Camaro SS Aluminum driveshaft in it...if that's relevant to anything.

Depending on what gears were in the new rear...I'd like to upgrade those before I put it in the car. BUT if I upgraded the gears (say 3.73) what all would I have to change? Would I need the computer re-tuned? I have a 97 PCM in it now.

Lastly...what is the difference between posi rear end and LSD? Is it the same thing? Are the 93-02 f-body v8 rear ends posi or LSD?

Obviously I know nothing about this so that is why I need some help. Greatly appreciate it! :tup:

Ibanezz 12-15-2013 12:29 AM

Posi and LSD are (for the sake of what were talking about) the same exact thing. Pretty much the v8s got posi rear ends, all the later model, at least 98+ definitely have posi. Also y87 v6's did as well. As for what will work and what won't, I'm not as familiar with it as a lot of other people. So I will let them fill you in. It has to be the same channel and what not to properly work. And as far as ecu, it will all work, but the speedo will be off unless you change it, which seeing as you already have a 97 pcm, it doesn't seem to far out of your reaches. And yes, once you get a rear end, you can buy a different gear ratio for it. 3.73s work well with auto and 4.10s work well with standard. And as for driveshafts. They are all interchangeable between 3rd and 4th gens regardless of engine or transmission so that's no issue

xpbr2000 12-15-2013 12:59 AM

OK first you have a 97 pcm which is great. You can retune it to modify the ratio for your speedo.

As for the rear ends.... its a little more complicated but not too bad as long as I make since in the next couple sentences.

93-98 have 3 way abs.
99-02 have 4 way abs.

These will not interchange.
-What does that mean? it means the Abs system will show a fault because you can't plug them up.
-is the rear the same? As far as size and mounting points yes they are the same. but there are differences. Which are listed next.

93-98 is a auburn carrier. This LSD is a clutch based Diff. (not really important except when you replace the fluid). this rear can have both drums or discs

99-02 is a Torsen Carrier. This LSD is a gear based diff. (again not really important) These will always have discs.

Auburn lsd both wheel spin at the same speed all the time
Torsen LSD the torque will move the tire with the most traction (or the slower moving tire) thus making it better for drag and such.

OK here are the concerns:

swapping 93-98 with yours there is no issues. It is a direct swap.

Finding and using a 99-02 (torsen) rear these are the facts. the abs system will not function. and very posibly the brake pressures are different. (read the next line :D )

Brake pressure for Drums are higher than with discs. they just are. meaning 93-98 setups are design at higher rear pressures than 99-02 because none of those systems ever had drums. this means if you install a torsen rear in a pre 99 car that it is possible under hard braking the rear could lock up before the front (keep in mind you dont have the abs to correct the lockage)

thats the big concern.

A couple other notes. I don't believe 3.73 were ever a stock gear so those cannot be found installed on a stock car. its likely better to purchase the 3.73 lsd and have someone install it into your auburn carrier and you keep all your required hardware.

but you also mentioned you want to swap to rear discs. so you would be looking for a lsd rear from a 93-98. with the right RPO code. which will be 3.42 lsd with disc brakes. Thats what i would suggest you do. I did that and they are so much nicer than the 3.23 open diff. I think you would be happy with it.

if your really set on 3.73 you can swap the drums to discs on your current rear (it isn't very easy to find all the parts without buying a whole rear end... then whats the point of swapping) and swap the gears to a lsd 3.73. the rear needs to be the right series carrier and such.

I did all this research when i looked at this same swap and decided to look for a 3.42 lsd rear from a 93-98 camaro. and turned out I found one.. swapped and called it a day.

I know this is a lot of info. but the problem is it isn't a simple yes no, get this answer. you have options and you have to decide which is the best solution. The torsen is a nicer rear end which is why people want to compromise with the abs and fix the brake pressure problem with a valve on the brake line.

I hope I answered a few of your question and also a few that you didn't know you wanted to ask :D. I also hope i didn't make a big mess of explaining it and help you find you a proper rear end.

Also guys if I erred in anyway let me know. its been a year or so since i researched this stuff.

Ibanezz 12-15-2013 01:20 AM

Great answer dustin

xpbr2000 12-16-2013 06:02 PM


Originally Posted by Ibanezz (Post 157808)
Great answer dustin

after it posted, I was like damn that's a lot of words... :dis: never fails. I intend on giving a quick easy to understand answer.... and fail epicly

WantMoreHP 01-03-2014 12:34 PM

Not to hijack the post, but what will doing a rear end swap do for the car? Having LSD is an obvious benefit but what do the ratios tell me? Just curious.

xpbr2000 01-03-2014 12:44 PM

taller gears create more torque.

Something like this
3.23 = ratchet
3.73 = breaker bar

It just provides more leverage for the trans to turn the wheels. the con is that it will reduce the RWHP (but increase the Rear wheel torque)and raise the rpms at a cruising speed. (also change the speedo readout but that can be corrected with a tune)

Ibanezz 01-04-2014 12:27 AM

Think of it as increasing acceleration simply from a higher gear ratio. But at the cost of reduced top speed

Bonemaro 01-04-2014 12:39 AM

Going from 3.23 to 3.73 took over a second off my 0-60 time.

WantMoreHP 01-04-2014 04:18 AM


Originally Posted by Bonemaro (Post 158143)
Going from 3.23 to 3.73 took over a second off my 0-60 time.

Wow, that's quite significant! Since the 3.4L is limited at 107mph anyway, I guess it wouldn't see a reduction in top speed anyway right?

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