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Default Why does Europe get to set the standard

I swear ford's trying to kill the ranger. If they did it'd be a dumb move.
I'm hoping that the ranger for america does not look like this


To me it looks like a Sport trac, in europe they call it the Ranger Wild Trac/ Ranger Thunder (Canada). Ford would be better off just renaming the sport trac. I'm telling you guys what, as a ranger enthusiest it disheartens me to see this.

I was sittin there talkin to steve about this with my dad the other week. They're prepping to put a 5.0 back in the pony anyways, a 5.0 fits in a ranger no problem. Why not just re-enforce the frame some more (im not sure if the frame is fully boxed or not) but Im sure if it could tow up to 10K lbs and a V8, truck sales for them would sky rocket.

/End rant
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