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Originally Posted by Will View Post
Hmmm i forget which model it is you have to ask for AC, I think its the XL model lol

I can't roast my tires lol dont have that kind of time or money. Your friend(s) should be into forums! So we can also see that 96 maro lol

Hes lucky!! Oh and I was wrong he has 62 more HP over me lol Yay 3.0 at 148HP lol
Everyone would cry if they saw this Camaro.
I try to steer a few people the right way....

And yeah, he uses that extra 62 horses haha.
His MPG isn't to good right about now.

Me and him are going to the track sometime in the spring.
He's gonna 4wd
98 3.8l Camaro, Full Bolt ons

Originally Posted by kristen View Post
*wishing for a wang*
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