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Default Windshield Wiper Motor

Tackled a great project this weekend.
1993 Firebird.
For years my wipers have not parked, and they would occasionally stop at the top of their travel.
Finally, last week the motor would not run at all.
So, I purchased a rebuilt motor assembly and installed it this past weekend.
Not a tough job, but access is a bit limited for those of us with large hands.
I put it back together and then disaster. The new motor assembly was bad. Made a very loud noise and vibrated like crazy.
I need my wipers to work as this is my daily driver, and did not want to wait for another replacement to arrive so I got creative.
I installed the new pulse board and new drive arm on the old motor and gearbox and figured I would see what happens.
Runs nice and quiet. Park properly. Works great.
1993 Pontiac Firebird
3.4L V6 / 4L60 Trans / Flowmaster Exhaust
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