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Originally Posted by xpbr2000 View Post
I don't know if that is what you call normal for the throttle body but there are things that gunk up the intake like the EGR which pretty much takes exhaust and pumps it back into the intake. so there will be a lot of carbon build up in the intake.

cudos to you for jumping in there. I did the same thing. I looked for places like this for research and just did it. I doesn't take long to get a handle on it.

for a cam swap you will have to take the radiator out as well just FYI.
I have had a few hang-ups since I started taking things apart, but so far, this has been the most fun I have had with a project.

The radiator is definitely on my list of things to remove. I could probably stand in the engine bay without the fan and radiator there. Totally beats killing my back leaning over the car to get bolts near the firewall.

Do you have any suggestions on what would be the best way to clean the outside and inside of the TB and Upper/Lower intakes? I have seen people use oven cleaner on youtube, which seemed to have decent results, but not perfect.
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