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So here is the rundown of the parts I have for the car. Most of what I chose was from reading about the choices many of you made, listening to sound clips on youtube, and getting advice on the build from zzperformance. As it stands, I have...

-GT2 Camshaft
-LS7 Lifters
-Comp Cams Pushrods 7.00 5/16
-Pac Valve Springs 130 lb
-Valve Spring Retainers
-Rollmaster Double Timing Chain

I also finally found a '97 PCM from a manual trans Camaro. I tested it and it works. I purchased ZZP 1.0 PCM, and I will be shipping the '97 PCM to them to be flashed to the 1.0 and set up for the parts I am installing. Hopefully it will save me the trouble of having to dyno tune the car when I am finished.

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