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Originally Posted by jlwisdom89 View Post
Do you have any pictures of the completed build or any dyno graphs? I am wanting to do pretty much this exact build but add a 60mm t3/4 turbo to the mix too...

anyone have any issues with running forced induction into the 3.4L motor? I have read horror stories about a 3.4 blowing up under boost, and I have read a success story of a turbo 3.4 running 9's in the 1/4 mile...I plan to build my car for the road course and the street. I am also looking at converting to a Mega Squirt Stand Alone Fuel Management System.

I am also looking at the Heidts Suspension IRS Conversion for 4th gen cars since i have factory open diff 10 bolt with drum brakes...

Here are a few links to the stuff ive had over the past 6 years. If you want any info on gen1 or hybrid gen3 660 degree engines with turbos on them, chances are i did it or can find out for ya.

They will handle plenty of power. Ive primary raced all of my set ups over and over. Not till the last year 2016 did i finally run into the wall where the crank just couldnt take it anymore. SO unless you plan on running mid 11s or faster, or having 500hp or more, then the stock block, rods, crank, exc will work just fine as long as you keep it from detonation (make sure the tune is good)

Oh yes did i mention i always had a 10 bolt rear. Even with my best of a 11.23@123mph on 28x10.5w slicks. I built it up a bit... The race track is a real dyno. So my numbers show how much hp it can take. Race weight is 3280

3.4/3400 below

all stock iron motor with a nice 62mm turbo

Hybrid build
Best 1/4mile. 11.23 At 123mph(14.5PSI)
11.70@115Mph Pass
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