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Originally Posted by Bonemaro View Post
The last three months have been a tad lower.
Been lil heavy on the pedal i see.

Originally Posted by ChevyGirl_07 View Post
Wow! This helped A TON! Thanks so much for taking the time to write all this. This provided me with a lot of valuable information to think on. I will definitely consider swapping to the 3.42 with discs. 3.73s was just another option and I wanted to get more info and opinions. So thanks! I probably won't be looking at swapping the rear anytime soon with whichever path I end up choosing. I just had to get a partial rebuild done on my trans Appreciate the help!
Your welcome. I had to pull all this info from many different sources. I'm glad its all in one place now. In fact I think i'll sticky it.

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