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Originally Posted by xpbr2000 View Post
i do strictly autozone. (and some times napa, autozone doesn't have everything)

-one. because i don't have to guess where i got parts from when they go bad.

-secondly. advance's systems are not linked to each other. meaning you have to go back to the exact store you bought it from to get a warranty replacement (given that you've lost your receipt) . autozones are all linked. you buy it from one autozone, you can return it to any of the others. and they can look it up under your name or number.

-lastly. i bought a clutch slave cylinder for the s-10. it was half as much ($100/$50) for the cyl. at advance. the first one lasted 8 month sec lasted 1 month and last one lasted 3 months and if you do the math thats right at a year. no more warranty left on that part. all to say if the part is that much cheaper theres a reason.

i'm not saying that advance is to blame for the faulty parts. everything is imported anyway. i bet a lot of the times they are from the same manufacturer. most of the time advance, autozone, are within dollars of each other. i do shop around. I've shopped at autozone, advance, O'reillys, and napa. and gotten great service from each. i just prefer autozone over advance out of convenience.

my opologies of the lengthy post. but I wanted to give a review about shopping around. pulling transmissions are not the funnest thing to be doing 4 times a year
Damn! That's a pretty bad experience man. I hate to hear that you had to go thru that crap over a fault part.
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