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Default South East 2009 Meet

So its been discussed in chat some about setting up a meet since so many of us are from the southern region. It seems as though GA. is a good central location, possibly even Atlanta more specifically. This is just kind of a feeler thread to see who all might be interested, when, and what to do.

I was thinking sometime in july would be good. Awesome weather, plenty of time for people to prepare to come as well. Bone might be able to give us an idea of what we could do around their. Would be nice to make it a weekend thing since some people will be driving a good distance.

Anyways lets here your ideas on where, when, and what to do.

|freakv6 12:21| bone will let people take his car out for joy rides at the g14
|Pace 12:22| I vote we take the freak out for some joyrides.
|freakv6 12:22| you can pace, then maybe you can drive the car afterwords
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