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94 5-speed coupe 09-07-2018 02:40 AM

Updated info on 3.4/3400/3500 swap
Does anyone have updated info for this swap, which is to use the stock 3.4 block, crank & rods, with 3400 pistons, 3500 (LX9) heads and LIM, topped off with a 3400 SFI UIM (to fit under the low Gen 4 cowl)?

Anyone done this recently? Anyone in the process?

I've read through all the threads that seem to apply, but most are nearly 10 years old (some are newer, but not many). I know that the old stuff still applies, but I'm interested in what possible components might now be unavailable, etc.....

I live near the guys at WOT-Tech, so I will be checking with them later on. Right now, I have removed everything but the short block assembly, and am pulling it and the tranny out in the next few days....

Thanks in advance for any replies!

wchiarizzio 09-27-2018 11:31 AM

Hey I'm by WOT as well! I've been following the hybrid swap info, haven't seen much new stuff as the ones that have been built in the past 10 years are mostly still running.

I have a spare 3.4 now. May be looking at the whole 3500 top end swap with the 3400 pistons. Mars on thirdgen.org ran a whole 3900 in his third gen with a turbo, completely stock, and broke under the 10s. He swapped that drivetrain into another 3rd gen after wrecking the first one.

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94 5-speed coupe 11-17-2018 11:14 AM

Progress report
Thanks wchiarizzio for your post. My goal is to enhance the performance of my original L32 motor and have a good, streetable engine that will last a reasonably long time. I'm not looking to go "all out" like you listed in your post, with turbo, nitrous, etc. I have a C3 Vette with over 400 HP for that.....
Right now, I have purchased the used 3500 ( LX9) heads and LIM, the 3400 UIM, TB, fuel rails and FPR, the aluminum valve covers and stock 3500 rockers, and new 3400-dished Speed Pro hypereutectic pistons to match the .030" overbore that I have to do to get rid of the pitting on ONE cylinder wall that happened due to the PO not driving the car for an extended period. :banghead:
Selecting a cam is next. I'm going for a bunch more lift, with a max of around 260 degrees duration, so I can use my stock tune for now (or maybe convert to an OBD1 7730 ECM from a Beretta or Corsica and have Ben at WOT-Tech do a custom tune for me because I'm going to do a EGR delete as well).
Will try to post my progress in the next 30 days as it occurs.

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