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  1. Sticky: Happy Father's Day

    A very happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. My family got for me a Nismo steering wheel for the Z. No it’s not for the Ghia all you air coolers, but it’s cool nonetheless. It was also my...
  2. Sticky: Be Well, My Friends!

    With all this COVID-19 crap going on, I hope you all healthy and doing well. Perhaps when all of this is done and life gets back to “normal” I can get a little something started on the Ghia.
  3. Sticky: Karmann Ghia by Kindig It Designs

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  4. Sticky: Watch "Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia - Widebody" on YouTube

    This is interesting, just not sure what I think of it yet.

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  5. Sticky: Possible OEM Part Numbers Reference

    This place only ships to mainland UK, but their site does have a lot of body part and trim references that might come in handy for research and such. I’m linking here just for future use....
  6. Sticky: 18x7? Yes... Avant Garde Forged Wheels

    Pictures a dark blue Ghia with gleaming chrome. Now image the dark blue is color matched to these.
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  7. Sticky: VIDEO: Replace VW Floor Pans

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  8. Sticky: What is the Fiberglass Hiding?

    The front of my Ghia has a whole lot of nasty looking fiberglass on it.
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  9. Sticky: Panoramic Welding Helmet with True Color Technology

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  10. Sticky: VIDEO: How to Load a Karmann Ghia on a Body Dolly

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  11. Sticky: Wheel Jacks Arrived

    They appear to be of very high quality. Perhaps I’ll do a review after I use them.
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  12. Sticky: Sunday Night Low Light

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  13. Sticky: Praise the Lowered, I Saw the Floor

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  14. Sticky: It's Official!

    After 2,324 days and 1,246 spams blocked by Akismet, the restoration is officially underway!
    After discussing with my beautifully lovely better two-thirds, we have come up with a plan and means...
  15. Sticky: VIDEO: Test Upload Video

    Just a test here. Enjoy… hopefully.
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  16. Sticky: Drop Loft is Done

    Now maybe I can get the rest of the stuff out from around the Ghia.
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  17. Sticky: 370Z Wheel Change

    Ops department. I was wrong about the spacer size on my rear wheel. As a result, my measurements were off and a 9.5″ wheel is not going to be wide enough.
    Looks like I’m going to have to go with...
  18. Sticky: New Wheels Coming

    It would seem this place should be the 370Z Project, as lately I’ve done more to the Z than the Ghia. The streak continues. I got a set of wheels and tires on the way.
  19. Sticky: Drop Loft Started

    I had a little time to start building my drop loft yesterday, so I welded up the ceiling mounts. I had an issue with the welder which at first seemed like a bad ground, but I’m fearing it’s a power...
  20. Sticky: Render #17

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  21. Sticky: Happy Holidays Y'all!

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  22. Sticky: Project Illuminating Frank Complete

    Finally… one step closer to cleaning my mess and cracking the body off the chassis. Extra thanks again to Lord Franklin Forgington....
  23. Sticky: Blue Mamba Pics

    I’m sharing a couple pictures of the Blue Mamba V10 powered Ghia because I really dig this ride. … love the taillights and rounded fins....
  24. Sticky: Two Down, One to Go!

    … keeping Frank at bay.
  25. Sticky: Praise the Lowered, I Saw the Light!

    One down, two to go. I hope Frank approves.
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