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  1. Sticky: Render #17

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  2. Sticky: Happy Holidays Y'all!

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  3. Sticky: Project Illuminating Frank Complete

    Finally… one step closer to cleaning my mess and cracking the body off the chassis. Extra thanks again to Lord Franklin Forgington....
  4. Sticky: Blue Mamba Pics

    I’m sharing a couple pictures of the Blue Mamba V10 powered Ghia because I really dig this ride. … love the taillights and rounded fins....
  5. Sticky: Two Down, One to Go!

    … keeping Frank at bay.
  6. Sticky: Praise the Lowered, I Saw the Light!

    One down, two to go. I hope Frank approves.
  7. Sticky: Slammed Saturday!
  8. Sticky: Lighting Update

    The luminaries have arrived! Extra special thanks to Frank for hookin’ a brother up. I hope one day I can repay his superb generosity.
    Now to find the time to install them…
  9. Sticky: Frank is My Hero!

    I can see the lights at the end of my tunnel.
  10. Sticky: More Pics of the Coolest Ghia

    Back in January 2011, I made a post calling this car the coolest Ghia Iíve ever seen. I came across a few more pictures of it and my opinion hasnít changed....
  11. Sticky: The Beer Fridge Was Delivered

    Mmmmm… beerrrrrr.
  12. Sticky: Trophy Shelf

    These trophies are from my first build. I think I’ll hang all my Camaro Gathering awards under the shelf. Perhaps I’ll need another shelf when the Ghia starts showing....
  13. Sticky: Garage Lighting Cruelty

    Now Frank is playing with my emotions.
  14. Sticky: Electric / Work Bench Done

    I’m happy to get this off my list. One step closer to getting the garage Ghia ready.
  15. Sticky: Electric is Almost Done

    I have one more box to wire and the juice will be live. After that, I can start putting my press bench together....
  16. Sticky: Hobart Handler 190 Unboxing

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  17. Sticky: A Little Help...

    Lianna is helping hold the conduit up while I tighten the top. She’s a good assistant.
  18. Sticky: Time to Power the Beer Fridge

    This is a useless outlet 10 feet above the floor. It will be much more useful rerouted to the floor to be used by an auxiliary refrigerator....
  19. Sticky: Watch "FIX SCRATCHED GLASS - Classic Car Window Repair" on YouTube

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  20. Sticky: Watch "Glass Polishing on My Classic Car with Dennis Gage and Mike Phillips" on YouTube

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  21. Sticky: ...or this.

    I could body work and flush mount the glass in.
    <figure class="wp-block-image is-resized"></figure>…or maybe create a cool...
  22. Sticky: No Side Glass?

    Has anyone ever shaved and capped their side pillar and glass?
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  23. Sticky: My 1971 Karmann Ghia Restoration VIDEO

    I wanted to post the link to this cool FacePage video mostly so I don’t lose it. It’s a walkaround of the pan, seat tracks, suspension and brakes from CoolRydes (Mendeola) and Wilwood....
  24. Sticky: Starting to See the Floor

    Zach is supervising, deciding what goes up in the lofts.
  25. Sticky: Watch "The Barrett Jackson Bay is for sale!" on YouTube

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