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  1. More Pics of the Coolest Ghia

    Back in January 2011, I made a post calling this car the coolest Ghia Iíve ever seen. I came across a few more pictures of it and my opinion hasnít changed....
  2. The Beer Fridge Was Delivered

    Mmmmm… beerrrrrr.
  3. Trophy Shelf

    These trophies are from my first build. I think I’ll hang all my Camaro Gathering awards under the shelf. Perhaps I’ll need another shelf when the Ghia starts showing....
  4. Garage Lighting Cruelty

    Now Frank is playing with my emotions.
  5. Electric / Work Bench Done

    I’m happy to get this off my list. One step closer to getting the garage Ghia ready.
  6. Electric is Almost Done

    I have one more box to wire and the juice will be live. After that, I can start putting my press bench together....
  7. Hobart Handler 190 Unboxing

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  8. A Little Help...

    Lianna is helping hold the conduit up while I tighten the top. She’s a good assistant.
  9. Time to Power the Beer Fridge

    This is a useless outlet 10 feet above the floor. It will be much more useful rerouted to the floor to be used by an auxiliary refrigerator....
  10. Watch "FIX SCRATCHED GLASS - Classic Car Window Repair" on YouTube

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  11. Watch "Glass Polishing on My Classic Car with Dennis Gage and Mike Phillips" on YouTube

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  12. ...or this.

    I could body work and flush mount the glass in.
    <figure class="wp-block-image is-resized"></figure>…or maybe create a cool...
  13. No Side Glass?

    Has anyone ever shaved and capped their side pillar and glass?
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  14. My 1971 Karmann Ghia Restoration VIDEO

    I wanted to post the link to this cool FacePage video mostly so I don’t lose it. It’s a walkaround of the pan, seat tracks, suspension and brakes from CoolRydes (Mendeola) and Wilwood....
  15. Starting to See the Floor

    Zach is supervising, deciding what goes up in the lofts.
  16. Watch "The Barrett Jackson Bay is for sale!" on YouTube

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  17. Drill Press Bench

    Today I got my drill press bench together.
    Later I’m going over to the in-laws to pick up the drill and some...
  18. Daddy Wants AC

    I gots to get this for the garage. Hey Stace…
    Mr. Cool AC Unit
  19. Vote in my poll! View the Poll Here...

    Vote in my poll!

    View the Poll Here
  20. Automotive Activity Spotted

    It might not be the Ghia, but it’s a start. I really need to hit Frank’s Paint and Body ( and get that fascia handled.
  21. The Organization Continues

    Can’t have too many shelves.
  22. Classic Beauty
  23. Look What I Found In the Ghia

    I wonder if someone placed it in there when the car was new.
  24. One More Loft

    Built another loft today to get more crap off the floor. Notice the lack of light here. Thatís ok. I got a good bud who's helping me out with that.
  25. Allah Bless This Mess

    Oy, there is still so much to do in here.
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