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    Default Rules for Buying and selling on

    Well the forums over a year old now so I thought it'd be best to lay down a little bit of rules as to buying and selling on here.

    When Buying/Selling on

    • Post pictures of what you are selling. No one should have to ask for pictures.
    • Please state an amount in the original post, None of the "Shoot me a PM" or "or best offer" (obo)
    • The price can however be $(amount) or best offer. But you need to have a price first.
    • When posting an item/vehicle for sale please state location.
    • Buyers: Keep a check on your sellers thread and make sure that your part has been sent out.
    • Sellers: Keep track of your for sale threads. Log in at least once a day to see if any new posts have been made. When shipping out please notify the buyer with a tracking ID number of sorts.

    **NOTE: is not responsible for it's sellers, if you have used paypal as payment method then please contact paypal about not receiving what is rightfully yours by way of purchase. Paypal has their own way of disputing things. **
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