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Thread: Adding LED lights to your interior - More 93-96 Specific **UPDATED**

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    It uses 15 0.5w LEDs so a total of 7.25 watts used @ roughly 20% efficiency. Which means it should offput approximately 5.8w of heat waste. A normal incandescent uses about 10w at roughly 5% efficiency. Which means approx. 9.5w is heat waste. So technically speaking this bulb should produce 2.7w worth of heat less than a standard bulb.

    As far as numbers go, but of course this also changes due to build quality. LED assumed efficiency based on average LEDs. The numbers could change, but even with much less efficiency you should still be close to stock bulb heat.

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    thats pretty good figures there. LED chips are usually robust up to 130*C. but once you get up to the LED clusters that start pushing 500 lumens thermal management is important for the junction temp on leds. I know a 881 road lamps i bought had only about 7.5w of power but that thing got really hot. Surface mount leds were mounted on an aluminum cylinder like heat sink with the driver inside the center. the LEDs eventually failed i'm guessing due to heat or connection points.

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    These worked well for my 1993 Cavalier instrument cluster and turn signal indicators, I wonder if they will work for 93-96 F-Bodies?

    UPDATE to a 6 year old thread: Took a SLEDGEHAMMER to the Cavalier and sold it for scrap ($50). Extracted LEDs from dash....

    LEDs CONFIRMED. Those twist lock adapters work fine in 93-96 Camaro. You just can't twist them ALL the WAY. You can see when installing them where the contacts line up. Also, for the license plate light, these fit well and the housing reseals (for me, it did anyway).

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