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They made a few LS's with the V6 and a manual tranny. My understanding is they are pretty rare though.

Does that have the Alpine system? Those are pretty nice sounding systems, but they are desperately lacking bass. I think they changed to a THX system in 03ish and added some subs. There are cutouts for I think it's 6x9s in the rear deck that aren't used on the Alpine system, perfect place for some kind of stealth subs. My dad put in an 8" in that location but the box is pretty big and the kick is still disappointing. I'd say some basic, quality 6x9s and an amp should be able to add some bass to a decent sounding system.
ya its got the indash 6 disc alpine system. while i was looking for the ls i tried locating a 5 speed. however they are very rare as you stated. also i was told that ford has stopped making parts such as the flywheel for that model. kinda warned that if i ran into issues i may find some trouble getting parts. the 5 speed is cool but i wanted the v8 or bust.