Well lets see now that I've had them for awhile I believe I can write a review on them.

First off these are the 4th generation of the of Blizzak tires I also have the Ws-50s and I thought they were good. These Ws-70's are fantastic, the grip they produce on ice and snow is excellent, even in the rain they are really impressive. Dry grip is also much improved over the previous generations but its still nothing to brag about but these tires aren't meant for that. I used to use Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S during the previous winters and while they got me around they have nothing on these. I still use them on the front though. It stupid how good they are and I highly recommend them for the unlucky bunch of you that are like me and drive your F-body all year round but remember the skinnier the better, I run 215/60r16.

- fantastic grip in any wet condition (snow, ice, rain)
- much improved dry grip over previous gens
- fairly cheap, I paid 90 each

- while the dry grip is improved its no performance tire
- having 2 sets of tires gets pricy