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Thread: 2 - TKOFORPRESIDENT'S 3x00 Build- Description

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    Default 2 - TKOFORPRESIDENT'S 3x00 Build- Description

    While there are many different routes as far as the 3x00 is concerned, I will outline my own particular build as much as possible.

    My GOAL is to put down LT1 Power and I will dyno this build when it's finished. I have all other bolt-ons necessary to put the power to the ground but this will be a general outline of the hybrid motor I'm planning on/currently building, and an idea of WHY I am going with these parts over others.

    The Vehicle:

    1993 3.4 L32 A4 Firebird

    Bottom End

    I will be keeping the stock bottom end in tact and NOT be removing the motor or swapping pistons. It is important to note that what I am doing will be done without either of these things. This makes my build a viable option for anyone who either can't/won't take out the engine and/or swap pistons.

    Once again, this will consist of the entire STOCK L32 bottom end.

    Top End:


    I will be using the 3500 cylinder heads, which believe it or not, flow almost TWICE as much as the stock iron heads. They are also far superior to their 3100 and 3400 counterparts. Because the chambers are smaller on the 3500 heads the compression ratio will go up, especially using stock l32 pistons and Head gaskets. I believe Compression will be in UPWARDS of 11.5:1

    For this reason, YOU MUST TUNE your pcm with this setup otherwise your stock tune will run WAY too much spark advance and you will probably knock your motor apart into pieces. Besides that, if you want to get fueling and power as good as possible you will need to tune (more on tuning options later).

    Lower Intake:

    Simply put, you must use the corresponding lower intake to match the heads so I will be using the stock 3500 LIM. The runners are MUCH nicer than the stock 3.4 They are MUCH longer, which will help move the power band up a good deal.

    Fuel Rail/ Injectors:

    I'm using the 3400 Fuel rail/fpr because it's fuel return system matches what I have now in the 3.4 It bolts right up to the 3500 LIM without issue. The 3500 Fuel rail is a returnless system which means you would have to modify your stock fuel lines to make it work. The stock 3400 fuel pressure regulator runs @ 55psi as opposed to 47psi (stock for 3.4) so it's important to keep that in mind. The injectors for the 3400 are Multec II which means unless you want to cut/splice you will need to get Multec II injectors. The stock 3.4 injectors are not sufficient anyways and should not be reused. Stock 3400 injectors are rated 22lb/hr @ 55psi which MIGHT be good enough for most hybrid builds but with the ability to tune I have decided to go with 28lb/hr injectors (rated 26.2lb/hr @ 55psi) and not take any chances.

    Upper intake:

    I really have no choice but to go with the 3400 upper intake (or large port 3100-same thing really) because of the cowl clearance issues on the 4th gen firebirds/camaros. There just isn't sufficient room to go with a 3500 upper. But no worries, the 3400 UIM will bolt right up to the 3500 LIM for me, and actually has better runners than the 3500 UIM. The 3500 UIM has more VOLUME but that is superfluous anyhow since it cannot be used without major modification. Therefore, the 3400 UIM it is.

    Throttle body:

    I was originally going to go with the stock 3400 tb which in itself is not TOO small (56mm) but found a company selling the stock 3400 tb's bored out to 59mm and all painted/pretty so I picked that up instead. My upper intake will need to be ported out slightly to match but 3mm isn't a whole lot anyhow. It is a front pull throttle cable system so there will need to be some modification to the stock cables when the time comes.

    Valve Covers:

    Any aluminum head 60* motor will have valve covers that fit. Be it the 3100,3400 or 3500 motor. I think mine are from a 3500 but who really knows/cares. They look MUCH nicer than the stock 3.4 steel valve covers, that's for sure.


    I will be reusing my comp custom camshaft which will be ideal in every aspect EXCEPT for the fact that aluminum heads allow much more lift than the iron heads. Whereas I was close to maximum lift with the iron heads, my cam will be considered rather mild (though still much better than the stock 3x00 camshafts). It is important that my cam is custom because of the insane amount of CR that I will be running. Something off the "shelf" just wouldn't work.


    Stock 3.4 pushrods won't work and neither will the 3x00 pushrods. It is POSSIBLE to get away with using the Gen II 3.1 Pushrods but if not, I will have to order a custom set.


    Both Pacesetter and RKsport headers can be used but the TOP bolt holes will need to be slotted to fit the 3500 heads. I'm going with the pacesetter's simply because i already own them.


    Simply put, you CANNOT replicate this build without a viable tuning option be it Megasquirt, OBD-1, or some other option. The CR makes it near impossible to run on the stock 3.4 tune, and again, it would be pointless to swap over these parts without being able to take full advantage of them by tuning. Do you think the stock computer would like those 28# injectors? Me neither...

    I have already swapped to OBD-1 via John Caraher's aka ForcedFirebird swap kit/harness. I'm running a 7727 PCM with the $A1 mask and custom .bin right now using Moates tuning equipment to datalog/burn chips. After the build is over I will be contacting Ben Phelps at WOT-Tech to help me tune this beast. That is what I am doing for tuning and would reccomend it to anybody else.

    *If you do NOT switch to a tuning solution then you will have to swap pistons to run the 3500 heads like I am doing. Just something to keep in mind.


    In summary, my build will consist of:

    -Stock 3.4 Pistons
    -3500 Heads
    -3400 UIM
    -3400 Fuel Rail/FPR
    -28# Injectors
    -Custom Pushrods
    -Custom Comp Camshaft
    -Pacesetter Headers
    -59mm 3400 Throttlebody
    -Gen III Valve Covers
    -OBD-1 Tune

    For a complete parts list and and pictures of those parts see Sticky #3
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