Toyo Proxies 4
size 245/50 r16

I've had my new tires on for a couple of weeks now. The ride quality is about the same as before- it still feels like a 10 year old muscle car.

The performance is considerably better than the stock goodyears and better than the Dayton tires that were on my camaro. They have more bite to them around the corners from better side walls, creating less understeer.

Traction is also much improved. They hook really nicely in dry conditions, and don't spin at every red light in the rain like my goodyears liked to do. Hydroplaning hasn't been a problem either *knock on wood*.

I have not had them on snow or ice since we don't get much winter here, so I can't help there.

I like them a lot so far overall, and they look killer too.
9.5 stars out of 10