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Thread: 98-02 clear corner install

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    Default 98-02 clear corner install

    for 98 and up

    this is the easy install from above. don't waste the time on your back.

    remove bar that is connected to head light and the frame of the car.
    remove the head light bulbs
    remove the head light
    remove corner lights
    remove 3 screws from corner light(2 on back 1 on the bottom) you don't need to get under the car!!!
    then you have to pull on the bumper and pull up and out on the skiny corner of the light light(takes muscle)
    put the fat end of the light in first and pull on the bumper and push on light about 30 degree slant
    pull the lights in
    then the 3 screws
    and then the headlight.

    very easy!!

    if i missed anything fell free to add
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    Thanks for putting this up, i've been wanting to put some clear corners in for a while, plus on the passenger side corner lens the hole where the socket sits is warped big time from the bulb overheating and blowing out (due to the previous owner). I knew it didn't look that hard to remove.

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    I actually just did this today. Wasnt too bad. Only thing was that when I put the new ones in, they lined up perfectly with the holes on the platform but after I tightened it down I noticed large gaps when viewing it from the outside.

    When i had it where I wanted the holes didn't line up. I figured I would have to use washer or make new holes but I just pulled up really hard on the platform until I could thread the screws in. Once I got them the tight the lenses stayed in position and it still looks good. Just posted pics in my project journal.

    I honestly couldn't see how you could remove them without yanking the headlights. The platform they are on only allows them t go up and you have to kinda twist them at the same time to clear the metal flaps where the bumper and fender join. Honestly I took pliers and bent that flap inward cuz I needed like 1/4 inch to get the new corners out and in. Which you wouldn't even have access to if the head lights were in

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