Replacing your rear axel bearings? Here's how...

Loosened the pumpkin cover, and let it drain.

Remove both rear wheels.

Remove the calipers and rotors.

In the differential (Zexel - Torsen), remove the threaded retainer pin, and pull the retaining block.

Push the axle in and the C-clips dropped out. Fish those out.

Here's the seal and the bearing.

Take a slide hammer to the seals and bearings, seals first, then bearings.

Mop out the carrier tubes to get any shavings out of there.

I popped the new bearings and seals in the freezer to shrink them somewhat and ease installation. Lube them with some gear oil, then whack them in with a chunk of 2x4 and a hammer, working around them and trying to keep everything even. I then used a large socket and extension to CAREFULLY tap the bearing into the tube. The seal will remain flush with the outer opening.

Next is axle reinstall. Be sure to lube the seals, and then really goo a bunch of gear oil along the whole axle so you don't damage the seals while sliding them in. Try to keep them level, and they slip right into the splines.

Next, back under the car, and with the axle pushed all the way in, put the C-clip back on the axle. Same with the other side.

Next, reinstall the retaining block between the axles.

Next, back on with the cover, carefully installing a new gasket.

Unscrew the filler plug, fill the pumpkin with a quality 75W90 synthetic gear oil until it runs out the filler hole (about 1.8Q) and screw in the plug.

Put the calipers back on, and then the wheels.