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Thread: Leaky T-tops... fixed

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    Default Leaky T-tops... fixed

    Since i did my t-top conversion, i noticed that my t-tops leaked no matter what. So i decided to take apart the seal on the t-top and see whats wrong. i found that the seal wasn't "glued" in place anymore. The fix is simple and requires little skill.

    Here is what the problem is... the old adhesive has dried up.

    Things you need:

    -Phillips screw driver (#2)

    -9/32 nut driver

    -Double sided adhesive gasket tape

    -maybe a small flat head screw driver and small 90 deg allen wrench.

    -3m Gasket adhesive. available at autozone

    1) pull the clip for the handle

    2) push it back into the handle. when you reinstall the handle just push it down and the clip will snap on. the handle is keyed so it only goes on 1 way

    3) remove this screw at each end

    4) pull up on the cover. it snaps in place.

    5) remove this bolt at each end

    6) carefully peel the gasket out of the tray. dont pull too hard just in case the rubber has started to tear. i'll show you how to fix that in another step

    7) remove the screws inside the tray.

    8) carefully pull the tray off the tops

    9) peel the old gasket tape off

    10) clean the trays from old adhesive and dirt.

    11) separate the 2 trays

    12A) as you see on the tray there is only gasket on the plastic tray and not the metal tray. I added gasket to metal tray to help seal. ( i honestly dont know how they don't leak without this extra seal)

    add gasket to the metal tray where it covers the holes

    12B) add gasket to the plastic tray where it covers the holes

    13) assemble the 2 trays back together. make sure they fit properly together.

    14) apply a bead of 3m adhesive to this area (full length)

    15) mount the tray back. make sure the holes line up to the t-top before pressing the adhesive tape to teh t-top.

    you can add more adhesive if it doesn't touch the tray all the way down the t-top.

    16A) now for damaged gasket. simply add a little adhesive to the crack filling it and creating a seal.

    17) the gasket is marked with an F for front and an L or R for left and right. make sure you put the gasket on correctly

    18) apply some adhesive to the channel as shown

    19) use a small flat tool to install gasket back into the tray

    20) add a little adhesive as needed to seal the ends.

    21) install the bolts at end of gasket, install the cover, press the handle back on. let the t-tops sit while the adhesive cures. lay the tops flat so that the adhesive doesn't run across the top like it is in the pic above.
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    nice and thorough write up sir!
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    Looks like I got another project.

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