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    Okay guys, had a few ideas that I would like to run by some of you guys. Looking for any criticism... positive or negative. Just want opinions..

    Have a few ideas, but getting writers block at the moment so I can't remember all of them, so I'll add to this later. Any one should feel free to add their own ideas in for opinions..

    Firstly, a 98-02 Camaro fog light cover... I originally was thinking of using a translucent type plastic to go in front of the fogs. originally got the idea from my buddies audi, had a amber tinted turn signal plate inside the headlight housing that he replaced with a clear.. Was going to try to cut it to fit the shape of the fog light, and go between the projector and the bumper...

    but now I'm leaning towards making something similar to the 1LE fog light delete plate for 93-97 camaros.. Which is
    Would probably sit right in the hole in the bumper. Would most likely be black.. and then was thinking about getting a black "billet" type front grill. Would match, but not sure if it would be "too much" black grill action.. I will try to do a photoshop pic to show what I mean, and to see your guys thoughts...

    Can't think of my other random idea... I'll get back to that...

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    its not about opinions really.. its about your preference.. whatever makes you happy..

    just curious.. whats the point in this?
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