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Thread: 3400 Swap

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    Thanks for fixing those xpbr2000, using tapatalk now so hopefully it helps. I get what your saying about the weight of a flywheel being way heavier than a flex plate, however I've seen extra weights welded on to flywheels and flex plates for proper rotational balance, just like the weights you throw on rims for tire balance. Still don't know if hooking up the 2000 3400 FWD-auto engine to my 95 T-5 manual flywheel & tranny will cause an rotational imbalance... I know the 60 degree engines are supposed to be perfectly balanced( no balance shaft like the 90 degrees)... but when I look up aftermarket flywheels/flex plates on the net for both model year engines, auto & standard, I can't match part #'s. I.E. 95 Camaro 3.4l auto has a different flex plate part # than the 2000 Grand Am 3400 auto part #. 95 Camaro 3.4 manual has a different flywheel part # than any 2000 GM 3x00 manual tranny flywheel part # I can look up. You could be right about it not mattering, just don't want to mess shit up right after the swap. Question #2 for 3.8blackmaro, in your thread u mentioned custom y-pipe due to the oil pan on the 3400... the pan does look deeper than 3.4 in your pics. Will pacesetter y-pipe still work? Or do I have to fab my own? I will posts pics of the engine as soon as it arrives, got that anticipation tingle going...

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    thats understandable. I would assume that the rotational assy of the engine it balanced by itself. but its worth researching to find out. post the details about that if you find them. i'd like to know.

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    How's this project working out? It's been a while since it's been swapped in now, how does she run?
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