The car is a 1996 3.8 v6 car. I bought it in january of 06 and started racing it just a few months later. The best it ran back then was a 15.8 with a k&n air filter and magnaflow catback. Shortly after, i decided to really mod the car and see what it could do. At this point, pacesetter headers, a torsen posi unit and mail order tune were added and ran a best of 15.2.

At this point, it was winter, and i was bored, so i did some research on mods and decided to put a cam and torque converter in it. Since then, ive added a few other small things, but the car has since dynoed at 225/230 and ran 13.6 @ 98 mph with a 1.81 60'

Heres the entire mods list that i can remember

Abbott na cam (210/220 .512 lift)
new valve guides
hardend push rods
105# springs
zzp a/c delete kit
Meizer electric water pump (i bracket race, comes in handy)
home made cai (gotta love lowes lol)
pacesetter midlength headers
magnaflow catback

Tci 3500 stall
b&m shift kit
vette servos
Lt1 1 piece driveshaft

Rear end:
torsen posi unit
richmond 4.10 gears

Removed spare tire
stereo system
fiberglass hood
mickey thompson et streets outback

All exterior lights (minus headlights) are blacked out
tinted windows, 35% on sides 5% on back
weld racing pro stars, 15x8 in the rear and 15x4.5 in front
also currently wearing a bra due to the wife backing into it lol.

Any questions, feel free to ask. Pictures to follow