Good idea! I was thinking about the 2 inch body lift for the zr2 to make it easier to work on too. Curious how bad it will make the body roll though in comparison as I plan to tow with it if needed.

And the nine inch has lt1 backing plates which are better IMO since they are smaller profile caliper IIRC and they don't have a drum in the hat for the e-brake but just a manual overide. Also it has grizzly 35 spline locker with 410's with a nodular iron strange case. It cost me about 2600 when i got it if i remember right. There are only about 7k miles on it with no full power runs. Haven't decided on a price yet as I havent started pulling stuff in the car or making a list but you may want to consider shipping will be super crazy and I'm in Cape Cod, Massachusetts