Hey guys. So some of you have seen me mention a ticking in my engine, needing new lifters, and wanting them to match up with a better cam for later. Well, I managed to get a beater car for winter, so I can park the Camaro in the garage and fully tear the engine down. Now, I have always been good with the mechanical side of things, but I am not so great with the technical side. That being said, I am looking to get a camshaft kit from Summit, but I am a little lost on Duration/Lift. I don't know exactly how they are affecting the engine. Could you guys give me an idiots guide to camshafts? I read the sticky FAQ on the Valvetrain thread, but I still don't know which one would work best for me. I want something that will make my car sound a bit meaner, give me more power in 1st through 3rd gear, and hopefully not require me to get a tune to make my car work properly when I'm done. Does that exist?