I don't know how many of you have considered the CDT speaker kits from Kee Audio, but as far as I'm concerned they are well worth the money.

In my situation I JUST wanted to replace the blown factory speakers. No new head unit, no amp, no rewiring and no cutting. Since my car is a convertible, I also saw no need to install a sub.

In 2013 at G17 I ordered the Level 3 kit which at the time included EU-61CV.2 component woofer and tweeter for the doors and CL-6L shallow midbass drivers for the back seats.

They sound great with the top up or down. Not as much air to move around as the trunk of the '88 Celebrity I had in HS and college, but still respectable bass in the doors.

At some point one of the CL-6L developed a loose internal connection. I ran with the fader set to full front for a long time and then started to notice the missing mid. I recently was able to pull it out and contacted CDT. I just wanted to know if I should send it to them for repair or replacement on my dime.

Even after 3 years since purchase they sent a replacement without asking any questions or for me to pay shipping. I don't recall purchasing their 5-year warranty, but maybe I was in the system.

The new speaker works great, not much more to say about that. I just wanted to post my opinion about how CDTs products and service are equally good.