Well guess I'll post mine up too.

Motors hyperlite 2205 2600kv
Camera foxeer hs 177
Cl racing f4 aio fc
Vtx mach 2
20 amps esc

Eachine VRD2 pro goggles and a Flysky FS-i6X Tx.

I started out with a mini whoop on loan from a friend to get used to the controls. Was using it with my Walkera Devo7e, which I loaded the deviation firmware to. Picked up the Walkera SBUS Rx and it worked great in PPM mode. Once I made the switch to SBUS it just wouldn't work.

At that point I scratched Walkera off the list. Too proprietary.

So my buddy Jose told me to give him a bunch of old phones and he would order me a Tx.

BTW this dude is awesome. He doesn't have very many people to fly with, so he built me a drone setup and all with no upfront cost.

For everything he is charging me less than $200.

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