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Thread: Tuning the 3.4L with TunerCat

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    Default Tuning the 3.4L with TunerCat

    I've been working on a new engine for my 92 S10 for the past year. It had the weak 2.8L @ 125HP. Manual Trans.
    New engine is a 95 Camaro 3.4L with a 2003 Grand Am 3400 top end. 3400 pistons and head gaskets. The calculated compression ration is 9.6. The only mods are a mild street strip cam and 1-3/8" shorty headers. Factory GA injectors for now. I believe these are 22.5#.

    Got it started after sorting out a few bugs a couple of months ago. At this point it runs pretty good. Still have some cold start open loop things to work out. Thought I would share what I have learned. I'm sure there may be better ways to do some of this, there's a lot of experts out there.

    Important note: If you are tuning in a garage, run a tube on your exhaust to the outside so you don't die.

    How to turn your PCM into a brick:

    I was writing new bin to the PCM and had a question about something in the Scan94/95 program. When that program starts the first thing it does is check the USB port for an ALDL cable. Well, TunerCat was using it so the write process got interrupted and we have an instant brick. Lesson #1: When reading or writing to the PCM don't do anything else. I don't browse the internet, edit spreadsheets, play games or anything but wiggle the mouse to keep the program alive. Disable screen savers, make sure the car has a full charge (keep it on a charger) and keep the laptop charged.

    Spare PCM:
    Before you brick your PCM pick up a spare from the wrecking yard or a refurb from Rock Auto. Rock Auto is running out of stock and are $116 w/$90 core.
    ACDELCO Auto Trans #16184737
    ACDELCO Manual Trans #16196397

    Wrecking Yard $65 at the U-Pull-It: These are all 94-95 model years, 3.1L and Auto Trans: Located behind the glove box so most of them are clean and dry.
    Chevy Beretta, Corsica, Lumina, Monte Carlo.
    Olds Acheiva, Cutlass.
    Pontiac Grand Am, Grand Prix.
    Buick Regal, Skylark.

    BEWARE: Picked up a Grand Am PCM yesterday. It has a different part number. And a different wiring diagram. OBD1 connector will be the clue. Has the exact same BIN as the OBD1.5 version.

    I take a small 12v/7.2aH battery, some wire with an inline fuse, the laptop and cable to extract the program first. Saves you the trouble of returning a bad one. You need to locate both PCM fuses and power them with the battery.

    May need to swap Knock Modules. Hopefully someone can verify this.

    File Management:
    Keep your original bin in a separate folder. My is called Original_BIN. There are several in there. Got Camaro, Firebird and Grand AM bins. With TunerCat you should also export the bin to this folder (Print all to file). This will save a non-definition specific copy for reference.
    Save edits into a different folder and a new file name every time there is a change. My latest folder is 3400_H22. H22= Headers and 22# injectors. If I put in different injectors it will be 3400_H28. Save file names with Rev1_A or something. Keep a text file with notes about each change.

    TunerCat with the Ver L definition file. It finally (06/2019) has support for setting Fuel Injector flow rate plus some new tables. Idle VE is a handy one.
    DataCat -- Datalogger, analyzer, supposed to be able to edit the BIN from the analyzer. Scalable wideband input. Fuel injector duty cycle analyzer.
    Scan94/95-L32-V6 from GaryDoug for datalogging and scanning.
    Trimalyzer for adjusting the Idle and Main VE tables. It also provides a Knock analyzer for adjusting your timing.

    I'm trying to convince GaryDoug to modify the Scan94/95 datalog column names so that it matches what Trimalyzer is looking for. Should make for an easier tune experience.
    Work around is to copy/paste this into the .csv:

    Date-Time,RPM,AFR,RPM 24x,Target idle,IAC Position,Min IAC Position,Coolant temp(F),Intake air temp(F),Fuel pump voltage,Speed (MPH),Engine run time (s),3x Time Period (ms),Baro pressure (kPa),TPS volts,TPS %,EVAP (CCP) duty cycle,MAP (kPa),MAP (volts),A/C pressure (psi),A/C temp (F),Spark advance degrees,Knock retard degrees,Knock counter,Ignition volts,Left bank 2 O2 sensor (v),Right bank 1 O2 sensor (v),BLM cell#,BLM Bank B,BLM Bank A,INT Bank B,INT Bank A,Base inj p/w (ms),#History DTC's,#Total DTC's*,DTCfail,AC REQ,AC FdBk,FAN ON,AC Clutch ON,EGR Sol1,EGR Sol2,EGR Sol3,ClosedLoop,LeftO2Rdy,RightO2Rdy,Kickdown,InjF ault,FuelTrimEnab,AC Press Hi,AC Temp Lo,Freon Lo,WOT=NoAC,NoCamSignal

    Right click on the filename and click edit.
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