Hello, I just discovered the site and registered. I am rebuilding completely a 95 3.4 from Firebird to install in a '74 MGB GT.
It should be a great match of power to weight and I am looking forward to the serious boost in performance.
For now, I need to know how to identify the pushrod / valve location front to rear for intake vs. exhaust, as I am ready for initial
valve adjustment.. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Also, if you have any tips I would appreciate it!
Bored .030, Edelbrock 3790 performance cam, all new pistons, bearings, internals except rods reconditioned with new pistons, crank turned .020, will run Holley 390 cfm in place of EFI (I'm an old carburetor guy), and recurved dizzy from S10.
Thanks, I'm excited!