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Thread: '95 Firebird 3.4, Power Steering Fluid Leaking at Cap

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    Default '95 Firebird 3.4, Power Steering Fluid Leaking at Cap

    I am trying to fix the issue of leaking power steering fluid on my '95 Firebird with a 3.4 V6, and auto trans. I've degreased the entire engine and engine bay in an attempt to pinpoint where power steering fluid is leaking from. Previous owner stated they had to put a quart in every couple weeks. The only area I've found it to be leaking from was at the power steering pump reservoir cap. The car is a project that will be getting a V8 next year but for now I just want to fix this ps fluid leak. I bought a brand new cap and it still leaks. There does not appear to be any damage whatsoever on the reservoir where the cap goes on. I have taken care to measure the fluid level correctly and despite the leak, it always measures at Full whether it's hot or cold so I'm baffled. Am I missing something obvious?
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    I'm not familiar with the 3.4 but the setup should be similar.

    On my 3.8 i never saw a leak from the cap, however the return line going back into the res has quite a lot of pressure. to get it to leak at the cap it would have to be thrown up pretty hard. replacing the cap would be the only solution.

    are you certain its coming from the cap and not being thrown up by the PS pulley. Many of them will leak around the pulley axle and can rid out to the edge of the pulley and get thrown all over the place.

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    Wow! That is a mystery. It seems like I've heard of a ps system that had high low side pressure before but I can't remember the solution. It wasn't an F-Body but it seems like a line was kinked or something. Please post any development, I hope we can help you get it!

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