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    Hello! I am preparing to do initial start up and break in of 95 3.4 from a Firebird. Engine has been entirely rebuilt, all new machining, pistons, rods refurbished, bearings, rings, crank polished, etc. new oil pump, Edelbrock cam, new hydraulic lifters, heads rebuilt with new valves, surfaced, etc. I will be using a 390 CFM Holley carb, recurved dizzy, new plug wires, and on $$$ I want to get it right.
    The V6 Rebuild manuals I have used--Haynes and Tom Currao's Power Pro series do not say anything about readjusting valves or retorqueing head bolts after break in.
    I am from the old British 4 banger bunch and this V6 engine is now in my 74 Mgb GT. You always retorque head bolts and adjust valves after initial 20 minute run in with the 4 banger.
    Do I need to do this with the V6 or not?
    Sorry for the long winded question but rather put out too much than too little info. for your advice.
    Terry Jones

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    The head bolts I don't think it needs retorque but it might be a good thing to check. as for the valve lash. I know they have to be adjusted initially but depending on if they seated more or not you may not need to relash the valve. the 3.4 has hydraulic lifters so they pretty much take up all the slack in the valve train. I don't see them getting loose unless the is an oil pressure drop.

    There were some really knowledgeable 3.4 guy on the forum once upon a time. but this is all the knowledge I got from read their posts. you can go search through the 3.4 section here and see if they posted anything useful.

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    If your head bolts were tightened using a spec that involves degrees of rotation, I don't think you should mess with them after that. But I'm no expert!

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