Is the 3.4L engine in both F-bodies sorta the same as the 3400 GM engine but facing forward ?

reason asking is years ago I had a 1994 cavalier Z24 and changed out the cam and did other work to the engine while it was out and this was in the infancy days of electronic injection and custom PCM profiles so back then you couldnt simply flash the PCM with new software so major changes were out of the scope of these at the time.

Anyway car ran great till it was totaled and I had ported a set of 3.4L heads for it but over the years never replaced the car so heads have been sitting in workshop on the shelf and decided time to get rid of them. So question is would 2002 cutlass supreme 3.4L heads be a direct replacement for the V6 motors in these cars ? Did lots of work over the years on F-bodies and built many an engine for them but quite frankly never bothered to learn jack about 4 or 6 cylinder options as they held no interest for me.

would upload a photo but it asks me for a url ?

anyway figured i would check here and fiero forum before unloading them at a local swap meet next week