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    Default 1995 firebird 3.4l

    I am in desperate need of help please. I just got done rebuilding the motor on my Firebird now the fans won't kick on even with the AC on any ideas. I have replaced all the Sensor's And check the relay no luck. Next when I started it I got a check engine light so I hooked my laptop up to it and it said no signal to the camshaft position sensor and I replace the sensor and still the same problem. Last but not least My tachometer is not working . I have tried everything please help I'm getting pretty frustrated right now . Thank you for any ideas.

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    double check the wiring to the Crank position sensor. I've seen many fbody's that have melted wired not too far away from the sensor going up and around the front of the motor. myself included.

    as for the fans, they don't run at all? I assume you have checked the fuse also? I doubt the fans and CPS are related but it sounds like a fuse.

    I don't know what you have on your laptop but can you turn them on with software. My scanner has the ability to open and close circuits like that. it being obd1.5 idk what capabilities it has.

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