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    Hi Everyone,

    I am a new member here, but I'm not new to the V6 F-body scene. My current car is a 1988 Firebird 2.8 V6 that is currently disassembled for a rebuild. I'm looking at a stock style rebuild for now, with a slight cam upgrade (CL-MTC-5), a little head porting, and intake runner cleanup. I will also play around with intake runner length in hopes to increase the RPM range without hindering to much bottom end torque.

    Intermediate plan: after the car is running and driving again, an ECU upgrade will be next. I'm looking at a Mirosquirt or MS3 Pro Evo. Then, add a GT3582 Tubocharger, A/W intercooler, and custom hot side plumbing (Similar to a 1989 TTA).

    Long Term Plan: 3.4/3400/3500 Hybrid build with the previously mentioned turbocharger and parts.

    Thank you!

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    Nice! I like seeing older builds.

    Welcome to the forum! There is a lot of good information here. Maybe some lacking in the 2.8 section, but feel free to start a thread in our 2.8/3.1 section to throw some photos or just talk about your build.

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    Welcome! Sorry I didn't see your post until now. I think I finally have my pc bugs worked out tho, so I can help more now fwiw
    Yeah keep us posted on what you are working on!
    I find the Tapatalk app the best way to upload pics...but I probably don't know the actual best way. lol

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