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    so this was a fairly simple install with the hardest part IMO being taking out and replacing the pcm. parts needed are 16gauge wiring (probably 20 feet total), wire strippers, spdt switch, and connectors. whenever working with electrical disconnect the battery first!!

    heres where you will want to start. find the blue and green wire coming from the connector on the right side furthest from the lh fender

    there are two 10mm bolts that can be removed in order to take out the pcm to make way for wiring to go through the firewall

    once the pcm has been removed locate the hole shown here

    feed wiring through the hole. i used a black for ground, green and blue wire to match the fan wire color.

    heres where the wire comes through. there are two clips that can be pulled out of the panel below the glove box that can be pulled out with pliers to access this. hopefully this saves you a little time me showing you where the wire comes through so you dont have to hunt for it

    after this was all done, i cut the blue and green wire and used a 16 gauge connector and connected in my blue and green wire to the respective color. after this just test it out and see if it works. then the switch can be mounted wherever you like. leave some slack in the wire so you have leeway to place where youd like. ill likely put mine into my ash tray. i found out my high doesnt work so now i am possibly fixing even more. i would say that someone with no mechanical or electrical inclination could do this. total parts for me were $20 only because i did buy 3 different color wires. hope this helps!
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